National parks of Albania

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Albania is famous not only for its wonderful resorts and historical sights, but also for national parks. To date, Albania has more than 10 national parks, most of which are concentrated in the southern part of the country. Most famous Albanian national parks are: • Valbona Valley Located in the north of the country, in […]

Skanderbeg – Albanian national hero

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It is necessary to plunge into XV century in order to understand the history of George Castriotti. That epoch is inextricably linked with the name of the Skanderbeg, one famous Albanian hero. He was skillfully supervising over the state, actively taking part in the struggle against the Ottoman conquerors, who kept in fear the entire […]

Why Albania?

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Albania is one of the countries of the fascinating Balkan region. Its nature may seem very similar to the nature of Montenegro, however, as you know, each place has its own peculiarities and its unique coloring atmosphere. What can surprise an experienced traveler in Albania? Until recent decades Albania was an isolated communist country. Tourism […]

Media about Albania: new holiday destination

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Due to the communist past of Albania which longed for over 40 years, Albania remained unknown for the rest of Europe and the world in general. However, during the recent decades the country has undergone significant changes in all spheres of life, economical and political spheres as well as in tourism field which is one […]

Coffee traditions in Albania

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Despite Albania is not the place where coffee beans are grown, the population of this small Balkan country has inherited coffee traditions since the times of the Ottoman Empire which rulers contributed to the spread of this fascinating beverage among their lands. Nowadays, the first thing that attracts our attention upon arrival in Albania is […]

Albanian cuisine

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Albanian cuisine comprises ancient traditions of the population living in the present day territory of Albania many centuries ago, it is mainly influenced by turkish, greek and italian cuisine. As a rule, the most common dishes that are typical of the Balkan cuisine – are meat dishes. Albania is not an exception, the day-to-day cooking […]

Shopping and souvenirs in Albania

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Along with the opportunity to shop for clothing and souvenirs in some of the resorts of Albania like Durres, Vlore and Saranda, still Tirana remains the center of shopping. You should not expect huge malls and a great variety of brands as in the majority of European countries. However, it is worth while trying shopping […]