Terms of use

Welcome to our site albaniatravel.today (here in after referred to as «the Site»).
Gaining access to the Site, you agree to the Terms of Use (here in after referred to as «the Terms»). The Terms are designed and effective for all users of the Site. The Site is provided by the company MIRALIA. The present Terms are effective as for March 01, 2019.
The Site is not responsible:
– for reliability of published information (including that of third parties), reliability of contents of both advertisements and other announcements, as well as reliability of any statements in the published materials;
– to third parties for claims, losses of any kind, including losses, that have appeared out of loss of expected profit, penal damages, or losses appeared out of collateral circumstances;
– for the actions of third parties, whatever they involve.
The Site does not guarantee the results of using the information, its commercial value and correspondence of that information with the particular aims, as well as the possibility of its use.
The Site reserves the right to delete advertisements for any reason. Under no circumstances is the Site responsible for any expenditures or damages of the users and partners outside of its scope of authority, including network disconnection, problems with access to the Internet and with preferences of the web browser.
The Disclaimer and the Terms are applicable to all the publications on the Site. Any person is regarded as acknowledged with the Disclaimer and the Terms of Use of the service before he/she publishes any materials on the Site, and shall obey the norms mentioned below.

1. Main clauses
1. The Site operates databases via Internet, through which users have the right:
– to enter into transactions, not contradicting the legislation in force and engendering legal consequences, on an unrestricted basis;
– to place advertisements with the aim of selling one’s services (goods) for a fee (advertisement function); users may as well choose offers from databases that are interesting for them, using the search function.
2. The present Terms apply solely to the relations between the Site and the users who use the public domain with the databases, that are managed by the Site.
3. The Site provides access to the databases through which information is spread without the Site interfering in the contents of advertisements. In particular, the Site does not offer, recommend, advertise any goods or services with the aim of its sale (except for the information on the usage of the Site itself, partnership offers and promotional offers of the Site).
4. The Site does not enter the relations between the Seller/the Supplier of the services and the Buyer / the Interested in buying party neither as an intermediary nor as the party or the representative of one of the parties. The agreements that arise out of the advertisement, placed on the Site, are realized without intervention on the part of the Site.

2. Scope of services
1. Under the present Terms the Site undertakes:
– to provide the data-entry form for placing advertisements;
– to activate the advertisements, placed using the data-entry form;
– to provide access to the databases of the advertisements at the Site via Internet.
The scale of display may vary and depends on the gadgets used.
2. Users have the right to use the Site and its functions only within the scope of the current functional.
3. The Site reserves the right to temporarylimit capacity of placing and viewing advertisements due to the network capacity in order to ensure security and integrity of the server or to perform its current maintenance or increase productivity.
4. In such cases there may be jams due to technical reasons, as well as lack of access to the Site (the Site is not obliged to notify users of a technical error).

3. Terms of use
1. You are entirely responsible to the Site for and in charge of all your actions on the Site. The list of some of the violations that may lead to deleting all of your messages, advertisements and other information, is given below:
– To transfer via the Site any information that is regarded illegal, malicious, threatening, insulting, discrediting, vulgar, indecent, hateful, racist for ethnic and other reasons, by the legislation in force (both of your state and of the state to which your information extend, as well as of the residence state of the Site);
– Topursue, frighten, humiliate or discredit any person or entity;
– Toimpersonate another company or another person, dead or alive, famous or not;
– To place the goods that you do not possess and/or do not have the right to sell;
– Tomislead users with regard to your actual location and/or actual location of the goods;
– To violate intentionally or unintentionally any applicable local laws, regional, national or international law, including all the clauses and rules that are legally effective, when accessing the Site and using it legally;
– Toinfringe the rights of any third parties;
– Topass spam, «aggressive advertisement» or to use pyramid schemes;
– Topass viruses or any other technologies that may be harmful both to the Site and its hardwareand to the property and interests of the users of the Site and third parties;
– Tooverload our infrastructure unreasonably or to interfere with the proper work of the Site;
– To copy, change or pass the information of the Site, users, third parties;
– To use search engines, parsing of sites or other automatic tools to access the Site, to gather information for any aims without our written consent;
– To gather information about other users, including email addresses, without their consent;
– To take bypassing measures to limit the access to the Site.
2. The Site may delete advertisements in cases when those advertisements violate the present Terms of Use, legal provisions, rights of third parties, by their contents or general meaning.

4. Premium services and remedies
In some cases, the Site charges fees for premium services. When buying such services, user pays advertisement charges which vary depending on the options.User can get acquainted with the terms of payment when placing his/her advertisement.
To pay for the premium services the user shall set up a schedule of payments and provide the Site with the information on his/her credit card, payments means or on his/her will to proceed the electronic payments via payments means of third parties. You provide information to the Site and acknowledge, that this information is reliableand you have authority to use the named means of payment. The Site has the right to change prices for its services at any time,at its sole discretion.
If you suppose that you have the right to claim the spent money, you have to write to email: admin@miralia.co.uk stating the reason for compensation.
Your application will be processed within 1-2 weeks after its receipt by the administration of the Site. The Site will review the reasons for compensation. During this time our representatives may contact you for confirmation of your account information, as well as for providing additional data.

5. Intellectual property
You agree that you will not upload or pass any information of the Site and of any parties, that infringes patents, trade marks, trade secret, copyright or other property rights. When sending information to the Site, you automatically guarantee that the owner of this information has provided the Site, on a royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable basis, with the non-exclusive right and a licence to use, copy, change, adapt, publish, translate, start production, spread and display it (fully or partly) all around the world and/or and to include it in other projects in any form and/or on any, even not existing in the present time, data carrier, for the whole effective period of any rights, that might exist in this information.

6. Information
The Site is not responsible for the information. Users shall assess and bear risks, connected with reliability, completeness and usefulness of any information published on the Site, themselves. The Site does not preview or keep track of all the information, however the Site has the right to delete information that it considers to be damaging, offending or violating the present agreement and other terms of the Site, which are in force at the moment, in a different way.

7. General terms of use and storage
You admit that the Site may set general rules and limitations connected with the use of services, data and other information stored at the Site and with regard to the maximum volume of disk space, that is assigned to your name at the servers of the Site. You agree that the Site does not bear responsibility and obligations with regard to deleting, damaging, or losing any data. You admit that the Site reserves the right to change these rules and limitations at any time, at its own discretion, with or without prior notice.

8. Responsibility for contents of the advertisements
1. You agree that you use the Site at your own risk. It is the user who bears responsibility for the contents of the advertisements. The Site does not guarantee correctness and completeness of advertisements. The Site does not give any guarantees, both implied guarantees of fitness of goods and services for a particular purpose and guarantees of non-defectiveness. The Site does not guaranty that the information published by third parties on the Site is current, safe, correct and meets your needs; the Site does not give guarantees of the results of the use of any information received through the Site, its accuracy and reliability.
2. The Site does not give guarantees and is not responsible for compliance of the advertisements with the legal provisions.
3. The Site does not give guaranties and is released from responsibility for non-performing some of the agreements for advertising, concluded in compliance with local law.The Site does not compensate costs borne by a party or parties when performing obligations, given by the sponsor in his/her advertisement; the Site is not responsible for other juridical or economic consequences.
4. No information acquired by you at the Site in written or verbal form does not imply any guarantees, except for those mentioned in the present document.You also admit and agree that you use all the data, downloaded by you or received from the Site in a different way, at your own risk. Only you are entirely responsible for possible damage of your computer or loss of information in case of downloading files from the Site.
5. In conformity with the law, the Site is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary or consequential losses, connected with the use or inability to use the Site, including failure to provide goods or services, bought or received at the Site.

9. Guarantee obligations
In case of force majeure the Site is released from any obligations. All the unforeseen circumstances are to be considered as force majeure, including events influencing the fulfilment of the agreement, for which neither of the parties is responsible. Among these are legitimate collective measures, measures with regard to third party companies, acts of state, errors in performance of networks and web gateways, line interference and other faults, as well as the cases when contractors and subcontractors face the same problems. Users’ claims with regard to any faults, for which the Site is not responsible, do not have legal consequences and are to be dismissed.
We aim at constant improving of our services, and for this reason the present Terms may change simultaneously with the services we render. We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time, but in such a case we will notify you about it by publishing corresponding information on the Site, sending a letter to your email and/or in a different way.
In case of your disagreement with new Terms, you have the right to abandon them. This will mean that you refused our services and you cannot use them anymore. If you continue to use our services after the Terms have been alternated, you agree with all the changes (tacit agreement).

We thank you for getting acquainted with the foresaid clauses, and we will be glad to cooperate with you!