Why Albania?

Albania is one of the countries of the fascinating Balkan region. Its nature may seem very similar to the nature of Montenegro, however, as you know, each place has its own peculiarities and its unique coloring atmosphere. What can surprise an experienced traveler in Albania?
Until recent decades Albania was an isolated communist country. Tourism has been actively developed only during the recent few years. However, those who managed to visit Albania, note that this country has become a great and unexpected discovery. Why?
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Albania is a land of unique objects representing its soleness. There are numerous bunkers, scattered throughout its territory. They were built for military reasons during the communist regime, and now have become one of the local sights.

Albania is washed by two seas – the Adriatic and the Ionian. Each coast offers lively and picturesque places to explore. For example, the Adriatic seacoast is presented by the main country’s port of Durres with an antique amphitheater, and on the Ionian coast you can find excellent resorts such as Saranda, Ksamil, Himara, Dhermi, Borsch, etc. In addition, Vlora bay is a unique place located on the border of two seas.

The natural resources of Albania are unique in their own way. It is worth while visiting the national parks of Drilon, Butrint, Theth as well as the unique “Blue Eye” water spring which depth is still not defined.

Albania is an agricultural country where you can try delicious food both of traditional Albanian and Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh meat, seafood, dairy products, lots of fruit and vegetables all year round – just come to feel the authentic taste!

The attractive prices pleasantly surprise all travelers. The official currency of the country is Albanian lek, the recommended currency for exchange offices are EUR, USD, GBP.

Albania is currently an actively developing tourist destination. And travelers looking for something new can visit the Albania without hesitation, the country which has not yet been trampled down by tourists.

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