Coffee traditions in Albania

Despite Albania is not the place where coffee beans are grown, the population of this small Balkan country has inherited coffee traditions since the times of the Ottoman Empire which rulers contributed to the spread of this fascinating beverage among their lands.

Nowadays, the first thing that attracts our attention upon arrival in Albania is a great variety of bars and coffee shops in towns as coffee traditions are an essential part of a day-to-day life of Albanians and their culture. No business meeting is arranged without coffee breaks – negotiations or company deals, or important issues discsussions are definitely accompanied by a cup of coffee with its taste invigorating and uniting the business cooperation.

While the majority of bars offer popular espresso, capuccino, macchiato and other coffee drinks including iced coffee, at home the local people prefer traditional turkish coffee. Special coffee pots are used to make fresh coffee, each region and even every single family has its own secrets of making this magic beverage. That is why one can not admit traditional albanian coffee has a very special aroma and taste. Albanians drink strong coffee in the bossom of their families, and all family guests are warmly greeted with the turkish coffee accompanied by traditional sweets such as turkish delight.

Coffee is served in small cups, and the drinking ceremony with a lively conversation can last for hours. No event in Albania is arranged without a traditional coffee break – be it an engagement or a wedding or a more global scale event – conferences, Christmas markets, festivals, etc.

“A visit for coffee” (a word for word translation from the Albanian language) is certainly a key to a successful day for the local people, as that’s where they can discuss family issues, political views, exchange the latest news, and what’s more important – coffee does not allow to lose their close communication with relatives and friends.

Freshly ground coffee can be bought in coffeshops, while supermarkets offer packed ground coffee that many tourists buy as a souvenir from Albania.

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