National parks of Albania

Albania is famous not only for its wonderful resorts and historical sights, but also for national parks. To date, Albania has more than 10 national parks, most of which are concentrated in the southern part of the country. Most famous Albanian national parks are.
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Valbona Valley

Located in the north of the country, in the district of Tropoi. Park is located in the upper part of the valley of the Valbona River, in the North Albanian Alps. This park is famous for its caves. Common trees here are european beech, common pine, chestnut, forest apple tree. As for animal one may find here brown bears, wolfs, wild boars, chamois, lynxs.

The nearest city is Bairam-Tsurri, which can be reached by a regular bus, taxi or by car from Shkoder or Tirana.


Dajti is located in the central part of Albania, on the east of Tirana. The park is surrounded by mountains, the main mountain is Dajti (1613 m) with a cable car. In wintertime, Dajti is covered with snow and for this reason it always becomes popular for the inhabitants of Tirana.

There are many animals and birds in this region: hawk, mountain eagle, black woodpecker etc. This park is a perfect place for a picnic. You can get here by bus from Tirana or simply take an excursion. The most popular way to get to the top of Dajti is the cable car.


Is located on the south-west of Albania, in Vlore district in the pass of Logara and the Akroeruan mountains. Sseveral hotels in which tourists can settle in for the night are situated in this national park. Also one can fly on a paraglider to the south of the pass. As for nature it is a place of alpine meadows with berry yews, firs, carobs and ashes. in the park you can admire beautiful butterflies which are widespread.

From the resort Dermi you can reach the national park in 30 minutes.


Prespa National Park is located on the border with Greece and Macedonia. The most important feature of this park are tectonic lakes Velikoe and Maloe. In contrast to other parks, there are a rich flora and fauna:
1. Plants – more than 1000 species;
2. Mammals – 40 species;
3. Birds – 260 species;
4. Reptiles and amphibians – 32 species;
5. Fish – 17 species.
As the park is located near to the cities of Korca and Pogradec, it can be reached by any transport – for example by bus or taxi.


Tomori is located to the east of the city of Berat, from where you can reach the park by bus or taxi. The Tomori National Park is famous for its mountains and canyons near to the river Osumi. This place is popular among fans of rafting. Since the park is surrounded by forests, here you can meet various animals and plants. Moreover, if you come here in winter – you will have an opportunity to ski.


This national park is situated in the east of the Elbasan region in the central part of Albania. The national park Shebenik-Jabllanice is located in the mountains between Shebenik and Jabllanice. There are 14 glacial lakes and rivers: Kirishta and Bushtritsa. Park’s flora, in addition to pine, oak and fir, includes: willow, white fir, acicular maple. Among the representatives of fauna there are brown bear, chamois, wild boar, gray wolf, Balkan lynx, capercaillie and golden eagle. The park is great for hiking.

You can get to the park by bus from Elbasan

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