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«Ibrahim Kupi» Rehabilitation Center

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«Ibrahim Kupi» Rehabilitation Center is located in Bilaj village within a short distance from the international airport of Tirana and offers hot springs treatment with 24 hour medical assistance.
The waters are rich in Calcium (Ca), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Copper (Cu), Magnesium (Mg) and Radium (Ra). This last element helps in the repair of fractures and wounds. The waters are rich in H2S (Sulfur) and each liter of water contains 1220 mg of sulfur.
These hot water springs are recommended for the following chronic diseases: rheumatism, Gonartroza spondylosis, sciatica, respiratory tract diseases (nose, throat, ear), genitor-urinary and gynecological problems, gastrointestinal problems (gastritis and colitis), peripheral nervous system diseases, dermatological problems, etc.

Price depends on meal plan.

Distance from the airport: 12 км
Parking: free
24/7 reception desk
Internet: yes
Meals included: yes
Extra services: massage and mud therapy
Staff speaks English and Albanian

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