I want to share with all my opinion about Albania

Hello friends! I want to share with all my opinion about Albania. I have been living in Skopje, Macedonia for 5 years. In the summer and autumn season I go to friends in the city of Ohrid. We are all fishermen, so it’s impossible to miss the opportunity of fishing on Lake Ohrid)

So, I come to my friends and we are going to Pogradec together. I will explain why. In Albania, everything is much cheaper: food, overnight stay and boat rental. Plus, there are a lot less visitors who go fishing, so all the fish goes to us. The catch is usually just fantastic! Fish come across huge!

I cannot say about ordinary tourism, because I myself prefer tourism with a fishing rod. But from the point of view of a casual observer, it seems to me that the tourist infrastructure of Albania is not yet as developed as in Macedonia. But I am sure that soon everything will be gorgeous in Albania. I just see how the situation has changed in the last 3 years. And it is clearly changing for the better! In the meantime, I can safely recommend fellow fishermen to come to fish in Lake Ohrid. You will not regret!

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