The first thing I want to say - in Tirana is not scary!

Over the past few years it happened to be 4 times on business in Tirana. Accordingly, a lot of information, observations and impressions have accumulated in order to lay down their opinions about this colorful city. I will try to tell on points.

The first thing I want to say — in Tirana is not scary! It's not scary to go to local cafes and restaurants, it's not scary to walk alone in the park, not scary late in the evening to go home. The most that can happen to you is that Roma children will ask for some money.

The second. Tirana is a great place to shop. There are some amazing shopping centers where you can buy branded items for a penny. As far as I understood, many Italian brands are sewn specifically in Albania, therefore, they are much cheaper here than in Italy itself. Shopping is not limited to shopping centers. I just love to look into small shops in the center of Tirana. There you can buy high-quality cosmetics and perfumes and there are still a few shops with excellent leather bags.

Third. In Tirana live wonderful and good-natured people. So far, I have studied only a few Albanian phrases (to be honest, the language is very complicated), but this is enough to make the locals smile and have a passionate desire to help me in any questions :-)

Fourth. Everything is very cheap. And everything is very tasty! I tried many national dishes and I liked absolutely everything, which is quite unusual for me. Plus, in Tirana, Italian food is excellent. And of course, COFFEE!!! So tasty, strong and fragrant… Mmm…

The fifth. From Tirana is very convenient to get to the sea. By car just half an hour and we are on the beach.

I hope that my review of Tirana will be of interest to site visitors.

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