This is a beautiful country

I welcome the site albaniatravel! It’s great that a website that give true information about Albania began to appear on the Internet. This is a beautiful country, there live a wonderful and good-natured people, very hospitable. However, there are a lot of strange reviews about Albania on the Internet, which are absolutely untrue.

My friend and I rested in Montenegro. We were offered a day trip around Albania, we agreed. We looked at Kruja and a little Tirana. Kruja impressed us incredibly, the views are just fantastic. Returning from the tour, we decided to go to Albania for a couple of days. Shkoder was the closest, so we went there. Walked around the city, looked at the fortress of Rozafa. Now we are fascinated by Albania, Albanian cuisine and especially by people who live in this wonderful country!

Next year we will definitely go to the Albanian Sea!

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