Tirana is the lively and colourful capital of Albania and its largest city with its never ending movement and energy. Being the capital since 1920, Tirana is quite a modern city, though the area has been populated since antiquity. Still there are a number of historical sites which you can not pass by while in Tirana. Among them are: Skanderbeg Square with the Opera house, the National Historical Museum, the Et’hem Bey Mosque and a clock tower built in the 19th century.
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Tirana Castle and Tanner’s Brigde; Grand park and Rinia park where you can have a cup of fine coffee in the morning or join Albanians for a traditional evening walk (xhiro). Explore the city walking on Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard where you can see the famous Pyramid and the central streets to unveil the history of the city.

Due to Albania’s communist past in the 20th century you still can find some of the blocky characteristic architecture in Tirana, many of these buildings have been reconstructed for public use, and more and more new modern buildings appear to to give the city a more European look and reflect the present day atmosphere in the Tirana: cafes, restaurants, pubs, night clubs are popular among Albanian youth to hang out.

Located in the very heart of Albania, Tirana is the main hub for international travel. The international airport of Mother Teresa is just within a 20-minute drive to Tirana and 30 km away from the Adriatic sea with wide sandy beaches and a great variety of facilities to enjoy a wonderful holiday by sea.

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