Albanian Riviera

Albanian Riviera is a famous coastal area along the Ionian sea at the foot of high and beautiful mountains in Southern Albania. The Riviera stretches from Llogara National Park along the picturesque coast through traditional Mediterranean villages of Dhermi, Himara, Borsh, Qeparo, Piqeras, Lukove featuring ancient castles, orthodox churches with beautiful orange, lemon, and olive groves nearby.
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Have a breath-taking drive along the winding coastal road to enjoy the best beaches of Albania, some of them are real miracles which can be reached only by boat. For this reason you can take a speedboat trip along the coast to explore the caves, swim in the secluded turquoise beaches and admire underwater diving in the clear blue Ionian sea. During your Riviera trip you can visit some of the historical and natural landmarks of the area: Llogara National park, the castle of Porto Palermo, splendid Gjipe canyon, magnificent Ceraunian Mountains, etc.

Albanian Riviera is known to be a major nightlife destination in Albania. Here you can join the parties at the popular nightclubs such as Havana Beach Club near Dhermi and Folie Marine in Jale beach which hosted several international music festivals.

The Riviera offers a great variety of accommodation along the coastal line: luxurious hotels and apartments, guest houses and wood cabin complexes, camping areas, all of them providing a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your summer vacation.

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