Beaches of Velipoje and Shengjin

The authorities of Albania are doing everything to develop tourism in Albania. Russians and Belarusians for example have received free entry to the country for the summer period. Therefore, beauties of this country became more accessible and the number of tourists who rested on the Albanian beaches, which already exceeds the number of tourists of Montenegro and Croatia, proves that.
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It seems impossible to describe a splendid beauty of the northern Albanian cost. If you come there from Montenegro, you see clean beaches of Velypoje and Shengjin, where you find everything for a carefree holiday.

Both cities have a developed tourist infrastructure. One can find here an active construction of hotels and entertainment centers. Thanks to such modernization and introduction of modern technologies, the number of tourists is rapidly increasing.

The coastal line of this Albanian village stretches for 20 kilometers and mostly consists of wild beaches, which vary in terms of their beauty and tranquility. Their main advantage is free entrance.The most popular places for bathing in the azure sea are situated close to cities. During the summer period they are quite crowded. But tourists with different income levels can easily find in Velypoje a comfortable living and rest environment.

Near to the coast many 24-hours restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and cinemas are situated.If you need to take a rest from the city bustle or simply stay in silence — wild beaches would be a perfect decision. Only there you can fully enjoy crystal and clear Adriatic Sea.

Shengjin — Saint Djinn, who fulfills desires. Originally it was a small, unremarkable fishing village. However, over time, it transformed into a prestigious seaside resort. A wide spacious sandy beach is situated in the center of the city. The air of the area has a very beneficial effect on the human body. The entrance to the leafy Shengjin beach is free. Hotels are located at the very sea, so you do not need to spend much time to get to the beach- Shengjin´s beach is very comfortable and has a developed infrastructure: umbrellas, sun loungers, locker rooms, shower cabins and other facilities. Summarizing, in the cities of Velypoje and Shengjin you can find a perfect vacation.

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