Tourist information card

Please check if you have all documents required for entering the republic of Albania:

  • Travel documents for adults and children
  • Plane tickets
  • Travel agency or hotel voucher
  • For a child under 18 y.o. travelling alone the original of the document signed by both parents and certified by notary is required.
  • International driving licence in case you plan to rent a car in Albania.


Albania has visa free regime with many countries. To check if you require a visa or not please visit the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania -

Customs regulations

The following limit of goods is allowed to be imported to Albania:

  • Tobacco products: 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarills, or 50 cigars, or 250 gr of tobacco
  • Alcohol and alcoholic beverages: 1 litre of spirits or beverages exceeding 22% vol.,   as well as 2 litres of ordinary wines or any other beverages not exceeding 22% vol.
  • 10 litres of beer

Pets are allowed to enter Albania holding a passport and a medical certificate proving the recent vaccination of your pet against rabies. More detailed information regarding import and export of goods can be found on official web site of the Customs Service of the Republic of Albania:

Climate of Albania

The lowlands and coastal Albania has a Mediterranean climate, while the highlands and the mountain area is characterized by a continental climate. The warmest months are July and August when the average temperatures are approximately  +32°С. Winter temperatures vary from +5°С to +15°С . The swimming season lasts from May to September, it is the most preferable time for visiting the country for beach holidays or sightseeing tours.


Albania is in Central Europe time zone +01:00 GMT.


The population of Albania is less than 3 million people.


According to the Constitution, Albania is a secular country, neutral in terms of belief. The statistics shows more than 50% of the population are muslim, around 20% are christians (orthodox and catholics), a minor part of the population is atheistic.


Traditional Albanian cuisine comprises a great variety of meat dishes and saturated vegetable dishes, among them are meat in a pot, meat broths, lamb in yoghurt, fergese (steamed vegetables with curd cheese sauce) and others. While in Albania you can try fine bakery - byrek (pie with spinach, curd cheese or minced meat), lakror (pie with different fillings). In cooking national dishes albanians use natural farmers dairy products – fine cheese produced from sheep, goat or cow milk, curd cheese, butter, fresh milk, etc. While most of traditional restaurants are concentrated in Tirana and large cities of Albania, the coastal area is popular for restaurants offering Mediterranian dishes (mostly Italian and Greek cuisine) which are seafood dishes – pasta, risotto, shrimps, octopus, squid, etc. Albanians drink much coffee during the day, many local people prefer traditional turkish coffee, although you can order espresso, macchiato and other drinks in a bar or a coffee shop. Among the sweet desserts are traditional baklava, trilece, revani, zup and other cakes and mousses.

Shopping and souvenirs

The mai malls are located in Tirana and large cities of Albania. Opening hours are from 09.00 till 22.00. During summer especially in the afternoon, many private shops are closed and open again in late afternoon. Along with the souvenirs with the symbols of Albania tourists can buy fine quality olive oil, albanian dry wines, traditional raki and Skanderbeg cognac. Localartisans can offer traditional handmade souvenirs – sheep wool rugs, embroidered tablecloth, filigree silver, etc.


Official currency of Albania is albanian lek (ALL). Along with lek you can pay in euros and US dollars in hotels, restaurants and popular tourist places.

Emergency contact

For any emergency call (police, ambulance or fire brigade) please call 112. Phone prefix of Albania: +355


The official language of the Republic of Albania is Albanian. In southern Albania the majority of the population speaks greek due to the greek ethnic groups living there. In this table there are several words and expressions that will be useful for tourists travelling in Albania:







Good morning!



Good afternoon!



Good evening!









How are you?

Si jeni?

Si yeni?




Good night

Naten e mire

Naten e mire

Nice to meet you

Gezohem qe u njohem

Gezohem ke u n'ohem

I understand



I don’t understand

Nuk ju kuptoj

Nuk yu kuptoy

Do you speak English?

A flisni anglisht?

A flisni anglisht?

Thank you!



Thank you very mush!

Shume faleminderit!

Shume faleminderit!




I’m sorry

Me falni

Me falni

We need a translator

Neve na duhet perkthyes

Neve na duhet perkt'ues

Where can I change money?

Ku mund te ndryshoj disa para?

Ku mund tendrushoy disa para?

Where is the toilet?

Ku ndodhet tualeti?

Ku ndod'het tualeti?

Help me!

Me ndihmoni!

Me ndihmoni!

Call the police

Therrisni policine

T'errisni policine

Call the doctor

Therrisni mjekun

T'errisni myekun