The Lin Mosaic Museum with its relatively modest size is one of the most visited attractions in the Albanian shore of lake Ohrid. Lin village located on the eponymous Peninsula in the beautiful countryside. Once it was a favorite place of parents of the Roman Emperor Justinian, in the VI-VII centuries on the high hill appeared Christian Basilica, which are unknown craftsmen decorated with stunning mosaics, similar in style to the early Christian mosaics in Ohrid and Durres. On the walls and floor of the Basilica depicts biblical scenes, flowers, animals and more. Some are very well preserved. Unfortunately, the impression of them spoils a modern concrete roof through which it was necessary to protect the Basilica from the damaging effects of weather. As a rule, the Museum is open from 8 to 16.00, but the best guarantee is prior agreement on the phone.

Address: Albania, Lin
Telephone: +335 69 26 23 217