Rinia Park is the central public park of Tirana, Albania. Built in 1950 during the communist era, it covers an area of 29.81 hectares (73.7 acres)
Rinia Park was built in 1950 as part of a major urban development program which developed after World War II. It was initially a pleasant family park where inhabitants of Tirana could take their children. It was a relatively free space for youth of Tirana, while standing right in front of the communist “Block” across the Lana River, thus it started to be called ironically “Taiwan”. Later a complex of cafés and restaurants was erected.
Every year on March 14, the people of Tirana and Albania have the Summer Festival, their largest pagan festival which is intended to celebrate the end of winter, the rebirth of nature and a rejuvenation of spirit amongst the Albanians. In Rinia Park, a circus show is put on the evenings and is packed with circus performers, acrobats, magicians, and people celebrating the festival.