Iljaz Mirahori Mosque

The mosque was built in 1494 by Iljaz Hoxha (also known as Iljaz Bey Mirahori), who was a veteran of the conquest of Istanbul and the founder of the city of Korce. The minaret of the mosque was demolished during the Communist dictatorship. In 2014 the minaret was built again.

Museum of Oriental Art “Bratko”

Museum of Oriental Art “Bratko” is the Albanian national Museum of Asian art in Korce. The Museum was opened in June 2003, thanks to an Albanian-American photographer, who donated his own collection of Asian art to the Museum.
The name of the Museum of “Bratko” was chosen by the photographer in memory of his beloved mother Victoria Bratko.
Museum of” Bratko ” serves as a monument to an extraordinary man, his family and home.

Cemetery of Martyrs

The Cemetery of the Martyrs or sometimes Heroes’ Cemetery, is a cemetery located above the city of Korca, Albania. The cemetery features a large statue of a soldier with a raised fist, as a memory for fallen soldiers who died during World War II in Albania. The statue is located on top of the Rruga Mbledhja e Beratit.

Albanian Warrior monument

The statue of an Albanian warrior in the traditional clothing with a gun stands in front of the cathedral, in the middle of the eponymous square. It was sculpted in 1937 by Odhise PASKALI, the greatest Albanian sculptor, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the independance of Albania.