Korcha is a picturesque city with a unique landscape and significant cultural heritage. This is a place where the joy never ends and where modern and ancient architecture are perfectly mixed. In this amazing, colorful and hospitable city, there are many monuments and sights created under the Ottoman Empire.
Since this city can surprise even the most curious travelers, more and more tourists are visiting Korcha nowadays.
Among main attractions of Korchi:
• Orthodox Cathedral (Ngjallja e Krishtit Cathedral). This cathedral was built at the end of the 20th century. It is the largest Orthodox church in Albania and the city´s most recognisible place.
• National Museum of Education. Initially, it was the first Albanian school, that keeps a historical relic – the first Albanian primer (Abetare);
• Old market. This is historical, artistic and cultural center of the old city. Houses, which certainly impress travelers with their fantastic charm and beauty, are harmoniously located nearby on narrow streets. In distant past, merchants from neighboring cities and countries were gathering in this square, organizing fairs and shows. The old market was torn down several times, but then was rebuilt by Albanians with their own strength;
• The Mosque of Mirahor (Xhamia e Mirahorit). One of the oldest mosques in Albania, which was built under the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II. A distinctive feature of the mosque is the snow-white color of its interior walls, which are decorated with images of Mecca and Medina.
• The Valley of Tears. A famous recreation area for both tourists and citizens. In the XIX century, there Albanians were saying goodbye to their relatives, who needed to go to work in other countries: Greece, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and America.
• The Home Museum of the artist Vangush Mio. This artist painted with oil paints in a very unusual style. He became the first Albanian who, at the beginning of the 20th century, opened an exhibition of his own works. To date, the walls of the museum are adorned with his 40 masterpieces.
• Boulevard Fan Noli (Shëtitorja Fan Noli). Named after Albanian politician Stefan Noli this boulevard is a cultural sight of the city. Along the boulevard you can see a lot of houses, beautifully decorated with flowers, which fill the air with a unique aroma. Therefore, many foreigners and locals like to walk around and drink coffee in cozy coffee shops.
In addition to its cultural and historical heritage, Korcha is famous for its colorful carnivals, which each time attracts thousands of Albanians and visitors to the city. The central street of Korchi barely accommodates everyone who wants to see this magnificent procession: giant dolls; girls wearing outrageous outfits; dragons; rare cars… All this remains forever in the memory of those who have ever visited this fantastic event.