Llogara National Park is a wonderful recreation area 40 km south of Vlora at the dividing point between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. The park is famous for its green forests of pines and fir trees as well as the abundant fauna forming the ecological significance of the surrounding area. Lower your car windows and take a deep breath during your scenic drive along a spectacular winding road rising up to the famous Llogara Pass at the height of 1027 m above sea level and overlooking the beautiful Ionian coast of the Albanian Riviera. One of the important tourist attractions is the Flag Pine tree which resembles the Albanian Eagle.

Llogara Pass is popular for its aerial activities offered on spot, it is the place of numerous paragliding competitions being held within the boundaries of the park. Enjoy a paragliding experience exploring the wonderful nature of the national park and the coastal area from bird’s-eye view and afterwards landing on one of the picturesque beaches of the Albanian Riviera.